Widmer juror: evidence showed Sarah's body was moved

SYCAMORE TOWNSHIP, Ohio - Blood and other bodily fluids were among the things that helpedthe jury in the third trial of Ryan Widmer convict the HamiltonTownship man of murder, according to one of the jurors.

Bryan Bell told lawyer and talk show host Eric Deters during aninterview on 700 WLW Thursday afternoon that the evidence ledjurors to believe that Sarah Widmer's body had been moved beforeemergency workers arrived in August 2008.

Bell says blood stains and other bodily fluids, found byauthorities, were the most important pieces of evidence. "Shehad to be completely turned around, so... it looked like it wasstaged."

Bell says jurors found the 911 call suspicious, but not for whatwas said by Ryan Widmer.

"The 911 call. The dog was barking at the beginning and thereshould be no reason for him to be barking, if she is in the tubbecause that's a natural place for the 'master' to be. So thattells me she was laying on the floor and that's why the dog wasgoing crazy. And a tub filled with water doesn't drain in just 15seconds."

Bell says no votes were taken among the jurors until they had achance to go through all of the evidence.

The jury convicted Widmer, 30, last month of killing his wife offour months. Bell says he and other jurors generally discounted thetestimony of a woman, who testified that Widmer confessed. Bellquestioned the woman's motives for traveling across country to meetwith Widmer after watching the case on an episode of NBC's"Dateline".

Bell says he suspects Sarah's body may have been moved fromsomewhere else in the house to the bathroom because the dog wasbarking extensively during a 911 call her husband made to police.Ryan claimed he came upstairs and found Sarah unresponsive in thebathtub.

Bell says he and the other jurors followed all the juryinstructions from Judge Neal Bronson, to the letter.

During the radio interview, he bristled at defense argumentsalleging any juror misconduct. He told the radio audience, "Theredefinitely was misconduct. We found it out at the end,... and thatwas that Ryan Widmer did kill his wife. He murdered her."

Widmer was convicted by a jury in 2009, but that conviction wasthrown out due to juror misonduct. The second trial ended with ahung jury.

Widmer is currently serving a 15 years to life sentence.

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