Prosecution rejects motion for acquittal, new trial for Widmer

LEBANON, Ohio - The Warren County Prosecutor's Office on Friday filed amemorandum opposing the defense request for Ryan Widmer for anacquittal or a new trial. The filings come on the last day of thedeadline set by Judge Neal Bronson.

In the memo the prosecution says it presented more than enoughevidence to convict Widmer of killing his wife Sarah, at theirHamilton Township home in 2008. The defense argued there was notsubstantial evidence presented during the trial. In the memo filedby the prosecution, it details the evidence. The prosecutionwrites, "On August 11, 2008, Ryan Widmer, killed his wife, SarahSteward Widmer, by forcibly drowning her. After cleaning up themurder scene, he staged a 911 phone call, claiming that he hadfound Sarah "facedown" in a bathtub full of water."

The filing goes into great detail of many aspects of theprosecution's case. In the end, it concludes, "The State introducedcompetent and credible evidence at trial, which when viewed in alight most favorable to the State, supports every element of thecharge of Murder." The prosecution states the court should deny theDefendent's motion for acquittal.

For the defense request for a new trial, the prosecution againopposes the motion. The prosecution claims the defense has failedto support its allegations of juror misconduct. The prosecutionsays the defense is basing its allegations on hearsay which isinadmissible. The prosecution also writes the defense raisedallegations of juror misconduct during the trial, but Judge Bronsonrejected the claims after a proper hearing. The prosecution alsostates the defense waived those allegations by not objecting orrequesting the juror be excused from the trial.

The jury convicted Widmer of murder on February 18.  He wassentenced to 15 years to life in prison.

Judge Bronson will hear arguments on both sides of the issue ata hearing in Lebanon on Wednesday, March 23.

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