Judge denies delay in Widmer hearing

LEBANON, Ohio - A Warren County judge has denied Ryan Widmer’s defenseattorneys’ motion to delay Wednesday’s hearing for anew trial.

Judge Neal Bronson denied their motion for a continuance Tuesdayafternoon, after they filed new exhibits, requesting more time toprepare.

The ruling came after Widmer’s defense, Jay Clark, LindseyGuttierrez and Charles M. Rittgers, filed five exhibits that theymay use in the upcoming hearing for a new trial.

Those exhibits include a media interview with a juror“speaking out”; an interview with a privateinvestigator; and three Facebook-related items, including twojurors’ pages, postings as well as a group page “RyanWidmer guilty and he should be”.

Click here to view the entire motion including the Facebookposts. (pdf)

Widmer’s hearing is set for Wednesday, at 4 p.m. whenJudge Bronson is scheduled to hear arguments and decide whether afourth trial is warranted.

The State filed against another trial.

The defense has subpoenaed six people, including two jurors. Itis unknown if the judge will let them testify. It is also unlikelythat Judge Bronson will decide on a ruling tomorrow.

Widmer, 30, was convicted in his third trial on Feb. 16, when ajury unanimously found him guilty of murdering Sarah Widmer, hiswife of four months. She died in their Hamilton Township home inAugust 2008. The cause of death was ruled as drowning.

During his first trial, he was convicted, however, that verdictwas thrown out because of jury misconduct. The second trialresulted in a hung jury.

Widmer is currently serving a 15 years to life sentence.

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