Uber driver's video made police believe woman ran over 18-year-old on purpose

CINCINNATI -- One piece of video led police to believe that a collision leading to a teen's death Downtown last year was intentional. 

Madie Hart, 18, died after she was hit ands dragged by a car on Walnut Street March 26. Briana Benson, 20, is on trial facing a murder charge in Hart's death. 

On the third day of the trial Friday, Cincinnati police officer John Halusek with the Traffic Unit went through a video of the incident recorded by an Uber driver frame by frame. He said that video led to investigators believing Benson hit Hart on purpose. 

Defense lawyers tried to paint a picture that Benson panicked, leading her to drive off while running over and dragging Hart. 

Hamilton County Chief Deputy Coroner Dr. Karen Looman said the Uber video helped her understand Hart's injuries. She said she didn't believe it was "a survivable event" for Hart.

Chief Toxicologist Robert Topmiller also took the stand Friday. He took samples from both Hart and Benson hours after the incident. He said both women had small amounts of alcohol in their bodies. Hart had a small amount of marijuana, while Benson was "presumptively positive" for marijuana, cocaine metabolites -- which Topmiller said he believes means she could have taken cocaine the night before the collision -- and oxycodone. 

However, Topmiller couldn't say how much of the drugs were in their systems when the crash happened. Benson was tested about four hours afterward. 

The trial will resume Monday morning. 

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