Jeff Ruby may not reopen Waterfront Restaurant

COVINGTON, Ky. - Jeff Ruby, owner of the Waterfront Restaurant, says he's notsure if he will reopen the facility.

The restaurant suffered heavy damage Friday evening when it toreaway from the shoreline and began floating down river with morethan 80 people onboard.

Ruby says he will assess the damage before making a decision onreopening. He says insurance fees, repair costs and timing are allfactors that he will consider.

He also says he is considering moving locations and suggestedLouisville as an alternative.

Crews used four tugboats Sunday to move the Waterfrontrestaurant upriver. By the late afternoon, the restaurant was tiedto a barge in the old Covington Landing.

Safety was the main issue because the Ohio River is three feetabove flood stage and won't crest until Monday afternoon.

On Friday night, the longtime restaurant suddenly broke awayfrom its mooring at mile marker 471 on the Ohio River and moved 85yards downstream where it rested underneath the Clay Wade BaileyBridge. First responders secured a ladder to the restaurant'sgangway to allow the passengers to evacuate one at a time.

According to Reinhart, the restaurant did not strike or damagethe bridge after an inspection by the Kentucky Department ofTransportation.

The restaurant will move back to its original location once theriver goes back down.

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