Craigslist murder suspect Richard Beasley writes letter to Akron Beacon Journal defending himself

AKRON, Ohio - The man accused of using a craigslist ad to lure people to a rural part of Ohio to kill them wrote a letter to the Akron Beacon Journal.

Richard Beasley, 52, of Akron, had a video arraignment Friday morning on prostitution charges unrelated to the craigslist murders.

Court documents from Noble County state that Beasley and 16-year-old Brogan Rafferty killed one man and attempted to kill another. On Thursday, Beasley's attorney said her client denied being involved in the murders. He has not been charged in the case.

Beasley, who has claimed to be associated with a few Summit County churches, wrote a four-page letter that the Akron Beacon Journal shared. While a copy of the hand-written letter is difficult to read, he defends his work with the church and disputes claims that he is a conman.

Below are portions of the letter that we could decipher verbatim:

"I write this in order to correct some false information contained the article you printed on me the Sunday before Thanksgiving."

"You stated in your article I was briefly associated with Hope Ministrys and worked only with people comming out of prison, in fact I was full time on staff for three years, rarely worked with people comming out of prison, but rather worked on the other end trying to keep people from going to prison, I aueraged 3 to 4 court appearances a month for over 3 years as pastor Bakers front man downtown. My contributions were so substantial that after the 1st year, pastor Baker decided to ordain me as a minister, I have a clearly worded ordination certificate and it was a very public tent service where I was ordained, more than courthouse work I was a top fundraiser, distributed food to the poor, assisted with helping addicts, alcoholics, the mentally challenged and the homeless, I did it all."

"I was very well know for these things but never looked for credit on this earth, a number of people from doctors and judges and lawyers to preachers and the homeless can stand witness to these facts."

"The article stated I ran a house for people comming out of prison, that also was untrue, with regards to the Yale Street house it was a transitional housing unit, I was there for nearly 3 years."

"Community support services can confirm that for much of the time I commonly had mentally challanged clients as some of my residents, also were homeless, alcoholics, addicts and alot of people that just needed a hand, over 100 people stayed at times (illegible) Most were men, stays ranged from a night to over 2 years, the few wemon who did stay were almost all short term a night to a week or so, residents got free food, a warm spot to sleep, clothes and unrestricted internet access as well as my TV on Dish Network and ride to appointments. For much of that time I averaged food distribution for 40-60 familys a month out of the house and taught a weekly bible study, pastor Baker taught the ‘Equipping the saints' study there for a while, and while your article said I left Hope Ministry when I got the house in fact they actually overlapped by 2 years."

"Who paid for this- I did, I had a settlement and spent most all of it to help others and got almost no financial help from anyone."

"In the process of all this I had to occasionally sanction people, cut them off from food if they were being fraudulent, evict them if they were threatening or violent, call csb to protect children ect (et cetera).  Add this to the fact that every time you help an addict off the street a dealer is mad at the loss of income, you some one get shelter from an abusive relations then a spouse is out to get you."

"The point is I have enemys, but for the right reasons, so when you quote some one as a family friend who say something horrible about me you better beleave thats not a family friend, family friends were by my side feeding meals to the homeless on Fridays or were sitting next to the street people and addicts I brought to church on Sundays, or were takeing the loads of food from my house on Yale St to give to the poor."

"Also your article called me a con man, I lived in an old inner city house, drove old cars, got up in the middle of the night uncountable times to answer calls for help, I gave away almost all I had and got almost nothing in return, that is not the actions of a con man."

"Last of all I understand the need of Pastor Baker and Pastor Lester to protest there donor base, it is how they pay there bills and provide a comfortable life for there loved ones."

"But to call me a con man when I sacrificed for others is wrong, to turn there back on me is not following Christ's example. I gave 3 full years if my life to that ministry and what I got out of it was the satisfaction of doing the right thing, there was not ‘con' to it."

The letter is signed "Rich Beasley."

See the original letter here:

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