Court: Former teacher and ex-BenGal cheerleader, Sarah Jones, violated probation

COVINGTON, Ky. - A former Northern Kentucky teacher who had sex with a student is once again in trouble with the law.

Sarah Jones is being forced to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet after violating her probation last week, according to a court document.

Officials say the 27-year-old made the violation last week when she left Kentucky without the permission of her parole officer.

The ex-BenGal cheerleader is only allowed to leave the state for work or school purposes. The document says Jones crossed the state line without permission Tuesday to appear on a local radio show. The interview was related to Jones' involvement in the sex charges against her, and an unrelated civil case against a gossip website.

Her probation and parole officer wrote, "This officer will place Jones on electronic monitoring and she must pay for this service. By placing Jones on electronic monitoring, Probation and Parole will be able to supervise Jones' whereabouts."

Her attorney, Eric Deters, tells 9 On Your Side the radio appearance was work related. Jones works as a legal secretary at Deters' law firm.

"Sarah Jones' appearance on WLW was during work hours at my request, I'm her boss, about her libel case against, and its work purpose was to refute stories in the aftermath of the verdict. It's my opinion it was not a probation violation. She was not given a hearing. She accepted the monitor because she can still go where she is allowed," said Deters.

Jones was in federal court two weeks ago for the lawsuit against, which posted allegedly defamatory statements about her. The jury was deadlocked and a judge declared a mistrial.

Deters previously said if the jury was hung, he would seek a retrial.

Last year, Jones avoided jail time and was sentenced to five years probation after pleading guilty to having sex with an underaged student while she was teaching at Dixie Heights High School.

In exchange for Sarah's guilty plea, the prosecution dropped the original sex abuse charge to sexual misconduct. Also, the charge of unlawful use of electronic means was changed to custodial interference.

Jones is still in a relationship with the student.

Jones is a student at the University of Cincinnati. She has previously said she has plans to attend law school.

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