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Occupational therapist reunites patient with husband and dog during COVID-19 recovery

'This is the happiest day of my life'
Christ Hospital patient reunion
Posted at 4:25 PM, May 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-08 15:49:05-04

CINCINNATI — Marcia Grant is finally on the road to recovery after a frightening battle with COVID-19.

She spent 14 days on a ventilator, then came to the Christ Hospital for physical and occupational therapy to learn how to live a normal life again.

During Grant’s 27 days in treatment and recovery she said the hardest part was being separated from the two that she loved the most – her husband, Tom, and her dog, Roxy. She was utterly alone, until a special friendship formed with her occupational therapist, Gabbi Bartruff.

As a newlywed, Bartruff understood how hard it could be separated from a significant other for so long. So as soon as Grant tested negative for COVID-19 and was allowed to leave her room, Bartruff devised a plan.

“I just kinda asked her what's Tom doing tomorrow?” Bartruff said.

She arranged a reunion for Grant, her husband and the dog through the hospital lobby windows.

Roxy was so excited to see her mom, she wriggled, wagged her tail and hit her head on the window a few times.

Grant and her husband gave each other air hugs and talked on the phone. Bartruff watched the powerful moment that she had made possible.

“I know wedding days and all those things are fine days, but this is the happiest day of my life, Grant said. “Just to see them again.”

And now another moment Bartruff helped her patient experience has come to fruition as well: Grant was cleared to head home and left the hospital May 7.