Copper thieves target two Hebron churches

HEBRON, Ky. - Two Hebron, Ky. churches are the latest to be hit by copper thieves.

Hebron Church of Christ and Cornerstone Baptist Church have had their air conditioning units stolen within days of each other.

Pastor Doug Eldrige, of Hebron Church of Christ, says insurance should cover the vandalism at his church. But he had a message for the thieves.

"It's going to cost $2,000-3,000 to replace each one of the units," Eldrige says. "The amount of copper their going to get out of it, what, maybe $30 bucks. If they had come in and asked for $30 bucks I would have probably given them $30 bucks if I could have just kept my heating and air conditioning units."

Pastor Eldrige says it will be at least a week until the church can get the units replaced.

Anyone with information about the copper thefts are asked to call the police.

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