Colerain Township good Samaritans help stranded driver

Pull vehicle from snowy ditch on I-275

COLERAIN TWP., Ohio - It's likely that Nathan Flege won't soon forget the drive to his West Chester home Sunday night.

It was 8:00 p.m. and he was heading east on Interstate 275 near Colerain Avenue.

Heavy snow had started falling and quickly covered all three lanes of pavement.

Suddenly, controlling his small sports car became extremely difficult for Flege.

"I was in the center lane and just driving along and it spun around on me when I came over this overpass.  Ended up in the ditch, tried to get it out, got it stuck in the mud," he said.  "Nothing really happened, didn't hit anybody."  

As Flege wondered how he was going to get free, Colerain Township Police Officer Jamie Pinley showed up and turned on his cruiser's blue flashing lights to secure the scene.

Not far behind was Colerain Township resident Angelo Keeling, who assumed the role of good Samaritan.

"I was just actually telling my son a Bible story on the way home from my mom's," Keeling related. "I said this is a perfect example of kind of practicing what you preach, so to speak, so I just pulled over and asked him if he needed some help."

It was an offer Flege couldn't refuse.

Keeling attached one end of a strap to the front of Flege's car and the other end to his vehicle, and then got behind the wheel.

Officer Pinley got behind Flege's car and started to push.

The push/pull combination did the trick and Flege's vehicle was quickly out of the mud and onto solid pavement.

"I'm glad we got him out," said Keeling. "It makes the trip worth it to be successful."

Other than some grass in his tailpipe, the car wasn't damaged. However, Flege admitted he is tired of winter.

"I'm ready for some palm trees and some sunshine," he quipped.

Keeling was optimistic when he said, "We're going to get some spring tomorrow."

That may be a wish that won't come true for a few more days.

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