VIRAL VIDEO: Dog teaches puppy how to go down stairs

Puppy owners have all been there: Trying to get their young dog to take those first steps down stairs (without falling, of course).

A video posted to YouTube on Jan. 11 shows a puppy owner getting some help from an older dog to accomplish the daring feat.

Daisy, the puppy in the video, is shown tentatively trying to conquer the heights of several steps, but unable to keep her balance to make it down even the first stair. Simon, an older dog, recognizes that young Daisy can't get the hang of it, and comes to the aid of the pup by showing her several times how to walk up and down the flight.

After a little step-by-step showcasing from Simon, and a little coercing from Daisy's owner, she makes the leap and gets down the set of stairs in stride.

The video had more than 95,000 page views as of Monday morning.

To watch the video, click play in the player below.

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