Terrace Park teen creates diabetes social group for fun and inspiration

TERRACE PARK - It's been a decade since Terrace Park teenager Hadley George was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, so it's safe to say she doesn't remember life without it.

"I've basically lived with it all my life and coming into high school I started to get the feeling about how alone I am," George said.

Despite this, even in the most discouraging hours, the high school freshman refused to let the condition defeat her and wants to reach out to other teens with Type 1.

"I bet there are at least 10 other people in Cincinnati who are going through the thought of just giving up because they have diabetes," George said. "I thought it was crucial to have people understand what I'm going through in my life. I decided to start this teen group."

Finding resilience, sharing stories

Thus, Type One Teens was born. It's a social—not support—group for diabetic teens.

It all started in December 2012, when George started to feel helpless and misunderstood because of her diabetes. The 14-year-old found resilience and hopes she can help others find theirs.

"I wanted to create this warm, social environment for teens with diabetes to come to and hang out and get to know each other and run across diabetes," she explained.

Just part of the conversation

Diabetes isn't the center of the friendships she hopes to create, though. Instead, George said, it will just be one of many topics on the table.

"If we're going bowling (and want pizza) and we are going to need to test our blood sugar," she explained. "Things like that bring it up in conversation."

Type One Teens has its first meeting on April 9, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Star Lanes Bowling at Newport on the Levee. So far 17 teens have signed up.

For more information, visit Type One Teens online or email George at typeoneteens1@gmail.com.

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