Chief Craig requests to not take exam

CINCINNATI - Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig is requesting that the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission re-evaluates their mandate that requires him to complete an examination.

Chief Craig was sworn in as the police chief last August, but has more than 35 years of experience in Detroit, Michigan, Los Angeles, California, and Portland, Maine. In his letter to the Commission, Craig says that he met the initial requirements for certification as established.

He says that completing a memory based, 200 question examination, "in no way will assess my ability to lead a major city police department."

Craig credits the commission's requirements for "entry level officers." Craig says there was no requirement to successfully complete an OPOTC examination in his employment agreement with the City of Cincinnati.

In response to Chief Craig's letter and request, the Commission's executive director, Robert Fiatal, told Craig the Commission will hold a hearing during their next regularly scheduled meeting on March 15.

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