Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones condemns proposed gun law, state of California during DC meeting

WASHINGTON - Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones does not agree with the new gun legislation proposed by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California). He made that fact known Friday afternoon during a committee meeting of the National Sheriff's Association in Washington, D.C.

Sheriff Jones voiced his mind during a Congressional Affairs Committee meeting after James Molinari and Jonathan Thessin, both of whom were representing Sen. Feinstein, made a presentation asking for 30 members in attendance to support the Senator's gun legislation.

In response to the presentation, Sheriff Jones indicated that he believes Sen. Feinstein's proposals have actually "created more fear in the eyes of many Ohioans" and have "done nothing more than drive up the number of gun sales" in the state, according to a press release from the Butler County Sheriff's Office.

He summed up his position by reportedly commenting that he is "basically against anything that California is for, and is for anything that California is against."

Sheriff Jones was not available for comment on Friday evening. He will return to the Tri-State after the conclusion of the NSA committee meetings on Friday.

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