Breastfeeding mother and supporters protest Johnny Rockets restaurant at Newport on the Levee

NEWPORT, Ky. - A group of mothers and other supporters planned a protest at alocal restaurant where the manager is accused of asking a woman whowas breastfeeding to leave.

Corday Piston, of Lexington, said she was breastfeeding her babyat the Johnny Rocket's restaurant at Newport on the Levee lastmonth.

Piston said two waiters gave her permission to breastfeed.

"I was covered. She's a big girl and I was off in a corner bymyself also, there weren't patrons around me at the time," Pistonsaid.

However, she said a manager later approached her and asked herto use their public restroom to feed her six-month-old infant,after several complaints from some of the other customers.

"The manager who was on duty, basically asked her if we couldmake her more comfortable, by either providing her with a chairthat she could set in the restroom here, which wasn't too far fromher booth, the original booth," Rick Thompson, owner of the JohnnyRockets in Newport. "Or actually using our office so she could haveprivacy and she became offended."

Piston believes her rights were violated, so she organized aprotest Sunday afternoon outside the restaurant to prove apoint.

"I just want people to know that there is a law and whether ornot they personally feel comfortable with breast feeding in publicor whether they bottle feed or breast feed or however they chooseto raise their families, there's a law that protects mother'srights," Piston said.

Most of her supporters came from a Facebook support group thatshe started herself. She says she has 280 fans.

Thompson said he was surprised Piston became upset and organizedthe protest.

"We always allow breast feeding, and we were just surprised thatshe took offense, because we never asked her to leave, what we wereattempting to do was make her more comfortable," Thompson said.

Piston said she tried to take legal action, but has not beensuccessful. She says she just simply wants an apology from therestaurant.

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