Boxer fights juvenile diabetes for kids

CINCINNATI - A local kick box fighter has been getting in the ring since Ronald Reagan took the Oval Office in 1981.  On March 23, the Western Hills man will try to raise money and awareness for juvenile diabetes.

Martin Slone works out regularly at Cincinnati Fitness Boxing off of Spring Grove Avenue. He's been knocked down, beat-up, and worn out from his professional fighting days, and his stint as a Clinton County Deputy.  Folks could say that there is not much that intimidates the 47-year-old fighter.

"I have an aversion," explained Slone during a break in an after school kickboxing class he teaches at the Campbell County YMCA. "Needles!"

Slone's Tooth
A tooth that Martin Slone pulled from his own mouth because he would not go to the dentist because of his

Slone explained that his phobia is great enough that he has actually pulled a couple of his own teeth, because he refused to go to the dentist. He did not explain if he used anything to numb his jaw, or what process he used. But, one thing is for sure: the needle the doctor would have used might have been a lot less painful.

Recently, the kick boxing, black-belted grandfather and former cop learned of some information that made his stomach unsettled.

"A mother related to me, her 2-year-old was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes and was told that he was going to have to get daily injections."

Slone processed the information and went into action.  He plans to spar 100 rounds against nine different opponents.  Each round is three minutes long with a 60 second break between rounds.  In all, he will be in the ring for 400 minutes.  That is a little more than six and a half hours, or three marathons.

"I would rather be punched in the face for 6.5 hours than run three marathons," Slone said laughingly.

Comparatively, a marathon (26.2 miles) can take a little beyond two and a half hours to complete.  A title bout is 12 rounds, which should take a total of 48 minutes with breaks included. Slone will be moving and sparring six times that amount of time.

Which brings up Martin's fighting style.  According to Kevin Brinkley of Cincinnati Fitness Boxing, Martin has to keep his distance from the opponents and be on the defensive most of the day.  This could be difficult for the fighter who enjoys the contact and rush of the sport.

"I would rather suffer for them," said Slone referring to his earlier statement.  "Having the 2-year-old little boy begging her, please don't shoot me, don't give me any more shots.  It just touched a chord in my heart."

The sparring marathon begins at 9 Sunday morning and is free and open to the public.  Donations are encouraged.

The location for Cincinnati Fitness Boxing is 2929 Spring Grove Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45225.

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