Bloodfeud between rival gangs brings Highwaymen to court

UNION TWP., Ohio - The caller to 911 got right to the point: "Bunch of guys justbusted in, beat the hell out of a guy."

Police believe the fight that broke out in Frank and Jamie'sTavern in Union Township over the weekend came after members of theHighwaymen motorcycle gang were tipped off that members of a rivalgang, the Iron Horsemen, were inside.

Witnesses say two Iron Horsemen were playing pool in the back ofthe bar when at least eight Highwaymen, wearing their gang colors,entered with knives and clubs.

Police say the fight lasted perhaps two minutes before theHorsemen escaped.

One of them had to be carried out, according to a witness.

Nine of the Highwaymen were in court this morning, one at atime. Magistrate Robert Lamb issued each of them a $100,000bond.

Regarding the high bond, Lamb said, "I  have to take intoconsideration the possibility of danger to the public, and I thinkthat is significant."

Absent in court were any Iron Horsemen. 

After a shootout between Cincinnati police and the Iron Horsemenin September, law enforcement has been keeping an extra close eyeon the bikers, according to  Lt. Scott Gaviglia of the UnionTwp. Police.

" I don't believe the actual club activity is up,"Gaviglia said."What I believe we're seeing is that this feud between the IronHorsemen and the Highwaymen is causing more incidences tooccur."

Attorney Hal Arenstein is representing the Highwaymen. He saysthe image the club is made up of criminals is not accurate. "Whatyou saw in there is a group of ... men who for the most part haveno criminal histories whatsoever. Men who are workers, raisingfamilies, own their own homes."

All of the defendants pleaded not guilty to the charges offelonious assault. Should any of them make bond, they are orderedto stay away from the tavern where the fight happened.

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