Billy Joe Ray: Drug bust in Butler Co. nets $58,000 cash, $30,000 worth of crystal meth, two arrests

HANOVER TOWNSHIP, Ohio - A drug bust netted $58,000 in cash, $30,000 worth of crystal meth and two arrests Wednesday morning, Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones announced.

The bust took place at the home of Billy Joe Ray, 44, in the 2300 block of Millville-Oxford Road. Ray was charged with drug trafficking and possession.

A second man arrested at the house, Eric Gonzalez-Rivas, 32, of Mexico, was charged with drug trafficking. Gonzalez-Rivas lives on Princeton Hollow in West Chester, Jones said. 

Both men are in the Butler County Jail.

The raid was conducted by undercover agents from the Sheriff's Regional Narcotics Unit (BURN) with the help of Butler County deputies and the Butler County Regional SWAT Team, Jones said.

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