Social media abuzz with jokes about Manti Te'o's hoax girlfriend

Social media has been abuzz with parodies and one-liners after Notre Dame's star linebacker, Manti Te'o, was allegedly duped into an online girlfriend hoax.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and comedian parodies have lit up the social media outlets since the bizarre news broke.

David Letterman announced the Top Ten Signs You Have An Imaginary Girlfriend:

10. You describe her to friends as "a nondescript female with eyes and hair"

9. "Photo" of girlfriend looks suspiciously like the sun maid raisin lady

8. You keep referring to her in the first person

7. Have a patent pending for a machine that gives you a hickey

6. Someone says, "tell me about your girlfriend." You say, "hmmm, let me think of something."

5. Your imaginary friend is dating her sister

4.  Everyone can tell you're arguing on the phone with Siri

3.  She's never upset when you forget her imaginary birthday

2.  Always pressuring you to pretend to buy an engagement ring

1.  Said she's too shy to meet your friends, your family and you

While Letterman was poking fun at the peculiar situation, fellow late night comedians followed suit. Jimmy Kimmel had an attention-grabbing skit showing viewers who he thought Te'o's real girlfriend might be (

But the jokes didn't stop there. Relentless one-liners were flying on Twitter:

Comedian Seth Meyers wrote, " These Te'o jokes are all very funny but let's all try and remember that a person who never existed is dead."

The Sports Junkie wrote, " An AMBER ALERT has been issued for Manti Te'o's girlfriend. Please look closely at the pic so we can ID her." Followed by a completely blacked out picture.

Matt Thomas wrote, " Manti Te'o's girlfriend was the Mayan calendar's Playmate of the Year."

Emily Noonan wrote, " AJ McCarron's girlfriend will be featured in an SI Swimsuit issue. Manti Te'o's girlfriend will be featured on Myth Busters."

Steve Doocy wrote, " u r genius! Imaginary girlfriends are BRILLIANT: they're cheap dates, no arguments, u'll never forget their birthday."

Jay Lee wrote, " To all of you who are lucky enough to be in relationships, hold your partners close. They might not exist tomorrow."

Chris Regan wrote, " Why do fake, dead girls always fall for football players and ignore sensitive, nice guys like me?!"

"Tebow-ing," "planking" and other trending social ways to take comical pictures is old news. The world today is all about the "Te'o-ing": Posing in pictures with a missing girlfriend, or just random scenes where a person should be and isn't.

This photo passed around on Facebook was titled, "Leaked picture of Manti Te'o's girlfriend in the shower." (Courtesy Facebook)

And of course, a comical Dos Equis take, which can explain itself. (Courtesy Facebook)

And who could leave out the original Te'o-er? (Courtesy Getty Images)

The jokes even have a local spin as The Florence Freedom baseball team gained national attention after their creative take on the next bobblehead took off.

The Florence Freedom will be giving away Manti Te'o Girlfriend Bobblehead's to the first 1,000 fans through the gate on Thursday, May 23.

The catch? The bobblehead box is empty.

"This will be the best kind of bobblehead a fan could get," Freedom General Manager Josh Anderson said. "Because now fans can make the bobblehead out to be whatever they want it to be."

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