An epic bakery meltdown, apparel outrage, and... cookies? Your digital week in review

CINCINNATI - From the most epic brand meltdown to an Australian "Anchorman"-worthy prank, we're bringing you the best of the digital world this week.

The most epic brand meltdown – EVER

If you have any presence on social media, you have haters. Every post, every Tweet, every picture has the potential of stirring a hater to pounce with a sarcastic remark or a downright rude comment. Brands tend to ignore the haters on social media, or attempt to address their comments with more information and apologies. However, Amy's Baking Company Bakery Boutique and Bistro chose none of those options. What resulted was THE most epic social media meltdown in the history of Facebook.

Two takeaway lessons: when faced with a social crisis, consider claiming your account got hacked and you are "working closely with authorities" to find out who's behind this cyber-attack meltdown. Also, typing in "caps lock" does, in fact, indicate you are freaking out and negates your comments to the contrary.


This week, Abercrombie and Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries' comments went viral, and it wasn't pretty. Jeffries angered a good portion of the nation when he claimed the company goes after the "cool kids" and doesn't believe everyone should be wearing its clothing; hence, no extra-large and XXL sizes--not to mention hard-to-find larges and extremely easy to get extra small sizes.

Social media exploded this week as outrage over Jeffries' statements reached a boiling point. Then came the latest social media campaign to boycott the popular clothing brand: #FitchTheHomeless. It's actually a pretty simple concept.

An Australian "Anchorman" prank

"For the last time, anything you put on that teleprompter, Burgandy will read!" This famous line from the hit film "Anchorman" became all-too-real for an Australian anchor, who ended up on the wrong end of her coworker's clever prank.

Yahoo! shakes up its news feed

Realizing the essential role Twitter plays in breaking and delivering news all across the globe, Yahoo! has announced the integration of Tweets into its news feeds. This will allow news consumers to seamlessly obtain a variety of news from various platforms, giving them a wider perspective and greater access to the news they want.

Viral pic(s) of the week

Did you watch the "Scandal" season finale? If so, you were probably one of the millions of people who couldn't stop talking about the ending, an ending which immediately spawned a host of memes. Community Editor Holly Edgell shared her favorite meme reactions to the May 16 episode.

Getting in on the #FitchTheHomeless action? Have another social media meltdown to share with me? Connect with me on Twitter @jennyfromthebak and chat with me!

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