Alligator ends up in Hamilton wastewater plant

HAMILTON, Ohio - Alligators don't make good pets.

"These guys get 12 feet long and live 75 years," says Damien Oxier of Arrowhead Reptile Rescue.

It's possible a baby gator's previous owner didn't want to gamble on that, and decided a flush was better than a full house.

"Flushed down the toilet is a pretty good guess at this point," Oxier says.

The 10 inch reptile was found in a rack that pulls debris from raw waste water in Hamilton's Water Reclamation plant on River Road.

"We looked him over," Oxier says. "He is actually uninjured, was coated with some oil and grease all over him. We decontaminated him on the spot."

You might think staying alive from toilet to a sewage treatment plant is a bit of a stretch.

Apparently it isn't.

"Alligators are aquatic animals," he says. "They can stay in water for quite a long time."

Oxier says the tiny gator is less than a year old.

The critter will be spending the weekend at the plant, before being removed by Arrowhead Reptile Rescue on Monday.

Why it wasn't removed immediately is unclear.

Oxier says while people should avoid making pets out of alligators, many other reptiles can make fine additions to the family.

He recommends ball pythons, corn snakes and a lizard called a Bearded Dragon.

Arrowhead has plenty available for adoption.

For more information, visit their website at


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