Former Bengals player alleged victim's cross examination testimony

Victim changes dates incidents happened

CINCINNATI - The prosecution called the alleged victim to the stand in the sex trial of former Cincinnati Bengals player, Nate Webster on Thursday. During cross examination, defense lawyer, Gregory Samms, cornered the victim on the stand with questions about dates of an alleged encounter, between she and Webster in August of 2009.

The prosecution still has to call the detective to the stand as a witness and then could rest later Thursday.  

Webster's defense team will be calling numerous witnesses. On the list is Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis.

Samms:  In your statement to the police about when this second incident happened, you stated it happened on August 20th, 21st, and 22nd of 2009.  Correct?

Witness: Correct.

Samms:  When you took the stand yesterday, you said it happened in September of 2009, correct?

Witness: Correct.

Samms:  Now you realize that the only source of any dates of any incident is you, correct?

Witness: Correct.

Samms: And that the state attorneys and the police rely on what you tell them?

Witness:  Yes, that is why I...

At this point Gregory interrupts the witness and the conversation is inaudible.  Then prosecutor Katie Burroughs objects to the judge about Gregory interrupting the witness.  Then the judge said that the witness will be allowed to finish

Witness: I was stating, that he, I did give them those dates based on what I believe I started school at … High School, but going back on calendars and looking at those times I have retracted my statement and I was wrong.

Samms: You realize that when you gave them those dates, they charged Nate Webster with two criminal counts that occurred, in August of 2009, based on what you said?

Witness: Yes.

Samms: And this realization that you were wrong, did it occur when you spoke to the prosecutors, they told you that they found out that Nate's family was gone all of August.

Witness:  I agreed to that.

Samms:  So when you talked with them and they told you that it couldn't have been in August, because Nate was gone, you moved the date?

Witness: Yes.
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