A hashtag with a heart, a new fitness movement and FOMO: Your digital week in review

CINCINNATI - This week was full of hashtags, social media surveys and some much-needed tips and tricks for you frustrated Facebook users. Let's explore!

Shape up with #9Fitness. We're on your side, helping you set and reach all your fitness goals this year with the rollout of our new 9 Fitness community! Whether you're already active and want to meet some like-minded fitness aficionados or are looking for a fun local support group to help you get started, we hope you'll join 9 Fitness and make 2013 the healthiest, happiest year ever!

Facebook privacy tips and tricks. Late fees, traffic, slow Internet and--oh yeah--Facebook privacy settings. Let's add all of these to the list of things that drive us absolutely bonkers! Facebook is ever-changing, and so are your privacy options. For those of you who want to secure your profile but don't want to go mad in the process, Mashable has assembled a very user-friendly guide to locking down your Timeline!

Suffer from FOMO? Don't worry, everyone else is, too. It's a catch-22: new social technology allows us to remain closer than ever to the details of our friends' lives, but on the flip side, it's driving us crazy. A Mashable story reveals that 56% of social users suffer from FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out.  The MyLife.com study revealed other key characteristics of social users: for example, 27 percent of users check their social networks as soon as they wake up (guilty). And say it ain't so! More than half of social media users are also considering taking a break from those sites altogether.

Do you suffer from FOMO and need to distance yourself from social platforms? Or do you consider yourself in a healthy relationship with social media?

#iWill: The Foundation. WCPO Digital community manager Libby Cunningham shared an incredibly moving story with you this week about the Princeton High School students who teamed up and used social media to remember a classmate and friend they lost to brain cancer, as well as raise awareness about the disease.

William Cox II was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2012; tragically, he passed away on July 2. But his legacy is living on in his friends' hearts and online, through #iWill: The Foundation movement they started. They created the Twitter handle @Official_IWill, as well as the hashtag #iWill and even an @Official_IWill Instagram account. Through this effort, the students hope to share William's message, raise awareness and offer support and healing to the community. 

Viral Pic of the Week. In case you missed it, the Tri-State got a LOT of rain over the past seven days. And, as the water levels rose, so did the number of pictures we got from our fans who had to share the shocking sights they were seeing right outside their windows.

After heavy rain hit the Tri-State on July 10, I-75 N was left looking something like this: http://goo.gl/2GOLP. Yikes!

We've been chatting about #9Fitness all week on my Twitter account, so join in the conversation! Connect with me @jennyfromthebak and use the hashtag #9Fitness to share your stories and goals, as well as get that inspirational spark you need to start your journey!

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