911 calls reveal tense moments after gunman fires shots in Chardon High School

CHARDON, Ohio - Police in Geauga County released the 911 calls made after a gunman opened fire in Chardon High School on Monday.

The calls were released at a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

Police said TJ Lane fired multiple shots in the cafeteria Monday morning, hitting and killing three students, and injuring two others. Daniel Parmertor, Russell King and Demetrius Hewlin died from their injuries.

One of the first calls to 911 came in at 7:38:11 a.m., from what sounds like someone in the office.

Here is a transcript of a portion of that call:
CALLER: "Chardon High School. We have shots fired, gunshots. Multiple gunshots."
DISPATCHER: "Multiple gunshots?"
CALLER: "Yeah."
DISPATCHER: "Do you know where."
CALLER: "I want to say over by the gym."
CALLER: "That's where it sounded like it came from – gym-cafeteria area."

Listen to that call here:

Another call at about the same time sounded like it came from a student.

Then at 7:38:42 a.m., another call came in from someone in the school office.

"Chardon High School. We need police up here. There's someone in the building with a gun," said the caller.

Listen to that call here:

In another call, which lasted for more than 11 minutes, a worker at the school described to the dispatcher what happened.

"This is Chardon High School. We're in lockdown," said a female caller who handed the phone over to a man who identified himself as Doug Snyder.

"There's a report of a gun and a knife," Snyder explained. He said he didn't know where the suspect went.

Less than two minutes later, he said "Three down in the cafeteria, we need an ambulance, too."

He then said a fourth student was found shot in room 200.

Listen to that call here:

In other calls to 911, students called and described the scene, saying there were some students lying down on the ground in blood.

A caller said the gun looked like a .22 pistol. The file was marked "original" by police, but it's not clear at what time this call came in.

"He just pulled out a gun and started firing upon 500 kids, all in the lunchroom," said a student who called 911.

Listen to that call here:

At 7:55:42, the principal called 911 to give information, saying the alleged shooter went out the back door.

Listen to that call here:

Other students called from near the cafeteria after taking cover in the lunch line area and the teachers lounge.

Lunch line:

Teachers lounge:

Parents also called 911 moments after they got word of the shooting, inquiring what was happening as their child's school. Listen to those calls here:

Parent #1:
Parent #2:

And there were also calls that came in after the fact, telling dispatchers about a suspicious young man talking to people in a car on Woodin Road.

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