6th grade class speaks out for longer lunch

MINNEAPOLIS - Sixth graders at a Minneapolis middle school are speaking out for changes in their school lunch policy.

Students at Seward Montessori in Minneapolis say they only get 10 to 11 minutes for lunch. Two students decided they wanted a change and took action for their class.

Sixth graders Talia Bradley and Antonia Ritter co-wrote an op-ed piece in the Minneapolis Star Tribune about the problem.

Bradley and Ritter say the rush leads students to make poor food choices, picking the easiest food to eat instead of the healthiest. Students also claim in their editorial that the rushed lunch leads to lower class performance and heartburn.

But the kids weren't just using their newspaper piece to complain. They also offered up solutions to the school to help fix the problem. Their top advice to the school is to allow students to take their lunch outside and combine lunchtime with recess time.

The school has yet to respond to the op-ed piece in the Star Tribune, however, Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson joined the sixth grade at Seward Montessori for lunch last week to see the situation in person and she has promised to find a solution.

To read the piece, go to http://www.startribune.com/opinion/commentaries/147833575.html.

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