6 seconds, 12 hours, and the best Twitter exchange ever: Your digital, social media week in review

CINCINNATI - Did you miss some big events this week in the digital world? We've got you covered with our weekly recap.

Bill Nye, Reading Rainbow and the White House, in 6 seconds

It's almost too much of my childhood to handle in one Vine – but I valiantly pressed on to experience an introduction to the White House Science Fair in 6 seconds. Bill Nye (you know, the Science Guy!) and Levar Burton of "Reading Rainbow" fame fronted the latest Vine post from President Obama's communication staff.  Watch a few of your PBS favorites come together here.

You can find anyone on social media in how many hours?

Forget 6 degrees of separation. You're now just hours from being found on social media, according to new research. In a 2013 version of Stanley Milgram's 1967 experiment, researchers at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi found that on average, individuals can be tracked down in just about 12 hours, meaning we're all just 12 hours of separation from one another. Intrigued? Check out a more in-depth explanation of this new study.

According to the AP, the White House blew up

Twitter is slowly becoming the go-to news source, allowing anyone to tailor their very own news feed. So when are you not getting the best possible information? When someone hacks the AP's Twitter account, posting that explosions were reported at the White House and that President Obama was hurt. The Tweet turned out to be incredibly false, and the AP's account was suspended briefly for damage control.

Possibly more unbelievable than the erroneous Tweet, however, was what happened next. Right after the Tweet was posted and the Twitterverse began reacting to the news, the Dow plummeted more than 100 points. It immediately came right back up, but really? 100 points from a Tweet? I don't think anyone can deny the pivotal role that Twitter plays in the fabric of American society.

The best Twitter exchange you'll ever read

Sometimes, brands aren't all about business on Twitter. Sometimes, they're just like you and me; looking for a friend, or perhaps someone to split a sandwich with.

Check out this hilarious Twitter exchange between BuzzFeed, Digg and randomly popping in, The Washington Post. We'd like to get in on this pizza action, if possible:  http://bit.ly/17XljGj

Viral Pic of the Week

Every week, we're going share a funny viral picture or meme with you. This week's amusement comes in the form of a pretty determined little girl. I'd agree with her if I wasn't so unbelievably afraid of birds.  http://www.ifunny.com/?page=24

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