4 arrested for setting off chemical bombs in Lemon Township

MONROE, Ohio - The four people arrested in connection to the manufacture and detonation of chemical bombs in Lemon Township appeared in court Thursday.

Steven Bolin, 19, Michael Akers, 18, and Brian Carr, 19, all of Middletown, are accused of setting off the homemade bombs on Hickory Street Tuesday morning. Police later arrested and charged a fourth suspect, Klair Garrett of Hamilton, Wednesday night.

The four people appeared before Judge Patrick Binns in Middletown Municipal court Thursday. Judge Binns set their bond amounts as high at $105,000.

On Tuesday, police were originally called to the street for a report of possible shots fired. Officers quickly noticed the various soda bottles lying in the street and in yards. Investigators recovered a total of nine "chemical reaction" bombs. A tenth was not activated.

The Butler County Bomb Squad was called to the scene, but the unit did not have to dismantle or disrupt any of the devices.

The bombs contained cleaning products with tin foil inside bottles which can cause an explosion.

"They're put there as a joke," said Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones.

Officials held a news conference Tuesday afternoon to display the chemical bombs.

"They're really not funny and they can kill you or dismember you," Jones said.

A woman who lives on Hickory Street believes her home was targeted.

"They were around my son's car and then there was one in the road. There were at least two in my yard and another in [my neighbor's] yard," said Linda Terrell.

The bombs did not cause any injuries or property damage.

Police said Wednesday it appears there were no plans to build or use other devices and this incident was a one-time event.

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