This manatee mailbox in Florida has the perfect outfit for every occasion

WINTER PARK, Fla. -- As if a manatee-shaped mailbox isn't spectacular enough, Keith Geil takes incredible pride in designing elaborate themed costumes for his sea cow postbox.

Marley Whitesell, 21, took notice shortly after moving to the neighborhood three months ago, she told the Huffington Post

The people of the interwebs seem just as fascinated as she was when she posted photos to Twitter last week since they have liked and shared them thousands of times since them.

“People have also suggested putting out a calendar [of the images],” Geil told HuffPost. “I guess we will have to now.”

Whitesell shared pictures of the manatee in ghostly garb, a pilgrim costume, a Santa suit and more.

Check out more photos at the Huffington Post's website.

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