Try-It-Out Tuesday: CRESBI crates

CINCINNATI - Lugging around grocery bags is no one's favorite task, but a new local product says it can make it easier, so we put them to the test for Try It Out Tuesday.

CRESBI crates are the brainchild of Sun Sugar Farms in Verona. CRESBI stands for Collapsible Reusable Environmentally-friendly Stackable Box.

The manufacturer claims the crates hold more than reusable bags, are stackable, easier to carry and clean - and therefore, greener.

The crates fold flat and pop up easily, and our testers found two CRESBI crates carried the same groceries as about 3.5 reusable bags.

They come in many colors and with several options, including a carrying case and a CRESBI cooler for refrigerated items.

You can also load your groceries directly into them in the store, UPC up, and clerks can scan the items without removing them from your cart.

The crates certainly work, but they are pricey: $29.50 for two crates.

Our testers think they'd be great for quick trips and small loads, but might be too expensive and bulky for full-on family grocery shopping.

As always, this is an unscientific test with unscientific results.

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