Try It Out Tuesday: Are Stiruppz a boot season solution?

CINCINNATI - It's boot season -- but if you're having trouble keeping your pants tucked into those winter boots, a new product claims it can help prevent those baggy knees and chunky ankles.

Stiruppz elastic bands clip to your pants cuff and run under your foot to hold your pants in place when you're wearing boots.

We tried them out on knee-high boots, and found they worked fine. Four clips hold each strap in place, and other than a bit of slipping on her heel, our tester said they were otherwise comfortable and worked well.

We also tested them on ankle boots without great results. The instructions say to cuff your pants just above your ankle, then attach the Stiruppz. But that puts the cuff of your pants way too high for most ankle boots.

Stiruppz sell online for $18.

As always, this is an unscientific test with unscientific results.

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