Groundbreaking on apartment development in Deerfield Township

DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio - A new upscale community development has its officialgroundbreaking event in Deerfield Township. Representatives fromthe builder, Hills of Blue Ash, along with Deerfield Townshipofficials were on hand for the event. It was not ideal weather fordigging in the dirt, but planners are certainly excited about thisnext step of the project.

The $36 million development called Palmera is located onButler-Warren Road near Bethany Road in Deerfield Township. Itincludes 360 apartments in the garden-style home or townhomeconcept. There are a variety of floor plans to choose in 1, 2 or3-bedroom apartments. They will feature high-end details such asgranite counters, oversized patios and balconies, garages withdirect access to apartments, and a huge clubhouse.

The clubhouse offers amenities such as a swimming pool, fitnesscenter, tennis courts, and a media center.

The Hills company has owned the land since 2000, but the poorhousing market and the economy put a hold on the project. Now thecompany says the economy is improving. Louis Guttman, Hills owner,said, "The banks have loosened up a little on their credit. Thetiming is right from a demand standpoint for apartment dwellers andthe job growth in the area, the time is right for it." There alsois demand for this type of living in the area.

Construction will move on a fast schedule with the firstapartments expected to be in move-in condition this summer. Thecompletion of the project is set for 2013.

The housing in Deerfield Township creates balance in the areathat already offers plenty of businesses and retail. Trustee PetePatterson said, "This continues to show that Deerfield Township isa good place to come, to live, to work, to shop. This is in thenorthwest side of the township that we think is a good location forpeople to live."

Township administrator, David Duckworth, says there are manysigns that the local economy is improving. "Just in DeerfieldTownship alone, not counting Palmera, we've seen 15 new businessesopen in the last 3 months." said Duckworth. "We think that thingsare changing and developments like this certainly help."

This will be the third community development by Hills in theDeerfield Township area.

For more details on the development, click here.

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