2011 class of Great Living Cincinnatians

CINCINNATI - The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber on Monday announced thenewest class of Great Living Cincinnatians.

The 2011 class includes the Honorable Sandra Beckwith, DavidPhillips, Oscar Robertson and John Tew Jr. M.D.

"The Great Living Cincinnatian Award is the preeminent localhonor, and these four very worth recipients join 122 prior honoreesas the who's of Cincinnati's leaders," Ellen van der Horst,president and CEO of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber said in arelease. "Members of the class of 2011 can characterized by thetraits that drove them to succeed -- progressive thinking andvisionary leadership that led to breaking new ground. And whilethey all were successful in their respective professions, each alsohas had a significant impact on our region and beyond."

The award, which has been presented annually since 1967, ischosen by the Chamber's senior council based on: community service,business and civic attainment on a local, state and national orinternational level; leadership; awareness of the needs of others;and distinctive accomplishments that have brought favorableattention to their community, institution or organization.

The new class will be honored at the Chamber's annual dinner atthe Duke Energy Center on Feb. 24.

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