Hundreds vie for 300 part-time DHL jobs at airport

Hebron - A tough job climate with high unemployment in the Tri-State isbringing out large crowds to area job fairs on Tuesday, even ifthey're only offering part-time jobs.


The first of a three-day job fair for international shipper DHLis being held at an office building on Lindbergh Court inHebron.

DHL has openings for over 300 package sorters and ground andramp crew workers. Even though the positions are just part-time at20 hours a week, the fair is still drawing a crowd of applicantsfrom all over the Tri-State.

By 9:30 a.m., the DHL employment offices were packed with peopleof all ages applying for the jobs that are from midnight until 4a.m.

Many applicants had to stand and wait to take job screeningtests due to the number of people who showed up.

The part-time jobs only pay about $10 an hour, but even thatlooks good to many of the applicants.

Some of them are from families, where two or more people havebeen without jobs for months.

Tressa Yetter of Brookville, Indiana tells 9 News, "And we'vegot two kids to support at home. I've been out of work since lastspring, my husband even longer. We've applied for many jobs buthaven't gotten any offers yet. My husband will run out ofunemployment on the 11th of May. We need a job, bad."

While many applicants look for a paycheck, others say they'remore anxious to get health benefits from DHL.

Dan Hickman is an unemployed machinist from Loveland. "My wifeis self employed and she normally depends on me for healthinsurance. I haven't been able to cover her in the months I've beenunemployed. I don't mind working overnights part-time because afterseveral months, DHL offers health benefits."

DHL will continue to take applications for overnight sortersthrough to 7 p.m. Tuesday and then again Wednesday and Thursdayfrom 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.

DHL isn't the only company looking for new workers in NorthernKentucky this week. Convergys is running its own job fair not faraway in Erlanger Tuesday afternoon as it looks to fill at least 200information technology and call center positions.