Federal judge orders all provisional ballots to be counted in 2010 juvenile court election

CINCINNATI, Ohio - A federal judge has ordered the Hamilton County Board of Elections to count all of the provisional ballots that were cast in the right location but the wrong precinct for the juvenile court judge race in 2010.

"We are thrilled with this ruling," said attorney Jennifer Branch, counsel for Juvenile Judge Candidate Tracie Hunter.  The ruling will add over 300 votes to the tally. 

Judge Susan J. Dlott found that the Board violated right to equal protection and due process and rejected all of the defenses posed by the Board in her 93 page opinion.  The case was tried over three weeks in July and August of 2011.

Tracie Hunter said that the ruling, "Protects rights of the voters and that was our major goal.  Many of those votes come from African American precincts so receiving this ruling during Black History Month is very fitting.  The right to vote is a major accomplishment of the civil rights struggle and we have solidified that right with this case."

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