Does '5-hour Energy' really work?

The commercial goes: "Get home from one job, start my second job and I'm running onempty. So I turn to 5-hour Energy."

The ads for 5-hour Energy target busy parents and workingadults, as well as young people on YouTube and Facebook.

You see the small shot bottles at checkout counters all over theTri-State. The company says people drink it more than seven milliontimes a week.

The makers of 5-hour Energy claim you'll "feel it in minutes"and it "lasts for hours."

But does it work?

Our partners at Consumer Reports Magazine wanted to know: Can5-hour Energy really kick your afternoon slump?

“The company showed us a summary of a study it conductedthat supports its claims of increasing attention and alertness. Butthe study hasn't been published, and the company wouldn't let uskeep a copy," said Jamie Hirsh of Consumer Reports.

5-hour Energy contains B vitamins and 1,870 milligrams of whatit calls an "energy blend" - a long list of ingredients includingcaffeine.  Consumer Reports says based on the caffeinecontent, 5 Hour Energy will give you a shot of energy, just like acup of coffee.

But Hirsh says, "While caffeine is a known stimulant, we foundlittle if any published scientific research showing that the otheringredients in the "energy blend" provide such a boost."

As for the caffeine, the company won't disclose exactly how muchbut says it's comparable to a cup of "the leading premiumcoffee."

While the couple in the ad carry around a six-pack of 5-hourenergy, the label cautions "do not exceed two bottles daily,consumed several hours apart."

A cheaper alternative?

And it goes for a hefty price of about $3 a shot. Hirsh says, "The bottom line is 5-hourEnergy will probably chase away grogginess, but so will a cup ofcoffee and it costs a lot less."

If you do want to try 5-hour energy, be aware it isn't foreveryone. The label cautions that women who are pregnant or nursingshould not try it, nor should children under 12.

And if you are on a budget, a cup of coffee from a Cincinnatiarea Speedway is a lot cheaper, so you don't waste your money.


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