Cyber attack targets Ohio banks Tuesday

Online banking services could be unavailable

CINCINNATI - Ohio banks and credit unions are being threatened by a potential cyber attack.

The Ohio Bankers League and Ohio Credit Union League say U.S. financial institutions, including some in Ohio, are warning of a possible disruption in online banking services Tuesday.

The Internet activist group Anonymous has said it will target financial group websites with Distributed Denial of Service attacks — a type of cyber attack where sites are flooded with an extremely high volume of electronic traffic from all over the world.

"This flood of traffic has the potential to crowd out legitimate customers trying to use the financial institution's website," warned the Ohio Credit Union League in a news release.

Officials are warning customers that an interruption of service because of an attack does not threaten the security of your account, but could temporarily stop you from making transactions online.

If your online banking isn't working, you should contact your bank or credit union directly to report the outage.


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