Women screaming mad about JC Penney ad

If you watch television, you have probably seen it by now:  An ad for retailer JC Penney featuring a sequence of screaming women.

The women in the ad are yelling either because they missed a sale or bought something that later went on sale.  It is not specific.

Why so loud?

The "in your face" ad is designed to draw attention to JC Penney's new "everyday value pricing" that begins Feb. 1.  The retailer is changing its logo, and lowering prices to sale levels everyday, similar to what Walmart does. It will no longer hold weekly sales with big fliers in the Sunday newspaper.

The ad certainly gets people to notice. But the website Consumer Affairs says it has received dozens of complaints in the past week from viewers annoyed by the ad.

It quotes one woman as saying "this is the worst ad of all time.  Stop it immediately!"  Another wrote in to say "remove it as soon as possible. It is annoying!"

Advertising executives say this is a sign the ad has cut through the clutter, and is successfully alerting shoppers that things are changing at JC Penney, a store many shoppers have not visited in years.

But while the ad may be considered a success, some wonder if it is turning off an equal number of shoppers. 

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