Why new Verizon plan may cost you more

Don't Waste Your Money

Verizon's new "Share Everything" plan, to be rolled out on June 28, sounds like a real win-win for families with multiple smartphones.

You will no longer have to purchase a separate data plan for each phone, and monitor monthly usage.  Every smartphone and tablet you decide to put on the network will share the same "bucket" of voice minutes and data.

Verizon says if you have multiple devices on their network, you will save money each month.

Why you may pay more

But USA Today analyzed the new pricing structure, and found that many individual smartphone customers will pay more under the new plan.

It says if you purchase the cheapest 1GB data plan, you will pay $40 for phone access and $50 for monthly data.

That comes to $90 a month, before taxes.  Under the old plan, a basic smartphone with data cost $70 a month.

Some will pay less

The good news is that customers without smartphones should not see a price increase. And if you like to talk, you should like the new Share Everything plan, as it includes unlimited voice.

And if you have two or more smartphones, you should see a lower bill, provided you are both low to average data users.

Finally, you are under no obligation to switch at this time.  You can keep your current contract and pricing plan.

Click here for our report on Frequently Asked Questions about the new pricing plan.

As always, don't waste your money.


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