Attorney General Mike DeWine looks into Beach complaints

Don't Waste Your Money

CINCINNATI - Hundreds of season pass holders to The Beach Waterpark have been hoping to see refunds, ever since the park announced it was closing for good earlier this month.

The troubled water park has now made a new offer. But some disgruntled pass holders feel it is still not enough.

And late Thursday afternoon, Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine announced he is looking into the complaints.  Dewine did not say he is launching an official investigation, but is urging anyone unhappy with The Beach's offer to contact his office, which is reviewing the complaints.

Dewine also says unhappy pass holders can dispute the season pass fees if they paid by credit card. However, if you paid with a debit card or check, that is not an option.

Big offer to pass holders

The Beach made its season pass holders a new offer that it hopes they can't refuse. The now-closed park has teamed up with eight Cincinnati-area attractions to offer $200 worth of goodies.

The Beach is now offering all its season pass holders:

    --One free day at Kings Island and its water park.

    --A discounted Kings Island Gold Pass.

    --Two free Coney Island/Sunlite Pool tickets (in addition to Kings Island.)

    --Discounts to the Cincinnati Zoo, Morgan's Canoeing, and Ozone Zipline adventures.

    --And a one-week YMCA pass.

But the offer is not sitting well with some 2012 pass holders.

Laura Ramsey of Middletown wrote in an email to 9 News that she isn't satisfied with the offer.

"I for one do not have the extra money to purchase discounted admissions to other venues," Ramsey said. "If I wanted to go to these other places I would have bought passes there.  In my opinion this company has stolen money from the season pass holders."

Ginnie Schlosser of Mason is best friends with a season pass holder. Her friend did not want to speak on camera, but Schlosser says she would have handled it differently.

"I would walk through heaven and earth if I owed somebody money.  I think they need to try a little harder to make restitution, they had to get with all these people to give away coupons," Schlosser said. "There should be something more that could be done."

Another pass holder named Cathy emailed 9 News about her disappointment.

"These offers The Beach listed are a joke," Cathy said. "Every one of these attractions will cost extra money, and we don't have the money for these kind of luxuries."

Some pass holders continue to say they don't want those deals. They just want is their money back.

Are refunds required?

This is an unusual case, because normally a company is required to give refunds if it can't deliver the product, unless it files bankruptcy protection.

Bankruptcy would clear The Beach of all obligations. But that hasn't happened.

What happens next is up to The Beach's owners.  As always, don't waste your money.
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