Twinkies return, shoppers clear shelves

Don't Waste Your Money

Big, big, big consumer news: Twinkies are back!
Walmart stores are already stocking up, and Twinkies are flying off the shelves as fast as store workers can put them out.

The treat, which no one cared about and few people bought a year ago, is the hottest thing in stores right now.

One picture, provided by Zumapress Photo, showed a Walmart where just one lonely pack of Twinkies was left.

Where You Can Find Them

Cincinnati area Walmarts in Colerain Township, Milford, Fairfax, Florence, Evendale, and Deerfield Township tell they have received their first shipments.

Florence has already sold out of theirs.

The Eastgate, West Chester and Ferguson Road Walmarts did not have them as of Friday night, but tell us they plan to stock their shelves Sunday.
Kroger stores are expected to have them in stock by Monday morning.

The craze over the cream-filled treat is ironic. Just a few years ago Twinkies would go bad on store shelves because few people bought them. Now, they are like a fine delicacy that shoppers are willing to fight over.

As always, don't waste your money.


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