Time Warner customers: New $4 modem fee

Don't Waste Your Money

Attention Time Warner and Insight Cable customers: You're now going to have to pay to rent a modem if you use their internet service.

Beginning with your November bill, Time Warner will begin charging customers in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky who have RoadRunner – or any other type of Time Warner provided internet – a modem rental fee of $3.95 a month.

Most cable companies already charge fee

A company spokeswoman tells 9 News this rental fee is common nationwide for cable customers, and says Cincinnati is actually one of the last areas to adopt this fee. She explains that it covers the cost of upgrading modems and other infrastructure.

You have two options: You can opt to purchase a modem for a one-time fee of about $50, or rent your current one, for about $4 a month. 

What to know if you decide to buy one

Click here to learn about modems you can purchase that will work with Time Warner's system. 

If you decide to own your modem, you avoid the rental fee, and it pays for itself in a year of use. However, if it fails, you will have to purchase another to replace it.

As always, don't waste your money.

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