The best emergency apps for your phone

Don't Waste Your Money

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, it was cell phones that got people in touch with loved ones.

Now, with most people on smartphones, there are apps that can help in the event you are ever involved in an accident or emergency.

So here are some top-rated emergency apps you may want to consider for your phone.

Emergency Contact App
Smart-ICE 4 family, "ICE" standing for "in case of emergency," of course.

This $2.99 app for iPhones does not just list family members, as most ICE lists do. It also shows any medical conditions and allergies you have, doctors names, and preferred hospitals.

Unfortunately, it is not yet available for Android devices.

First Aid Apps

Another essential is a first aid app.  You can pay up to $20 for one, or check out two highly rated free apps, good for iPhones or Androids,

The Red Cross has a great free app called First Aid by American Red Cross.

An alternate first aid app is called i-Triage, which is also free. 

Survival Apps

For $5.99, you can buy the SAS survival guide:  It shows you how to survive in all sorts of outdoor situations or natural disasters.

You can download the SAS iPhone version, and SAS Android version on Google Play.

If that's too expensive, consider the cheaper Survival Pocket Ref app for iPhones, 99 cents at the iTunes store.

Lost in the Wilderness App

Finally, if cell towers go down or you are lost in the wilderness away from towers, a great app to have is called Spot Connect.

It lets you text and email via communications satellites in the sky, with no cell service needed.    

The service costs $10 a month. That's small change, however, if you are going to be out in the mountains hiking, and may not be able to get a cell signal.

But you'll get extra time, so you don't waste your money.


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