Tax filing and refunds delayed this year

Don't Waste Your Money

Bad news for early filers who file their taxes in mid-January so they can get their refunds by the end of the month: Uncle Sam will be late this year.

The IRS is postponing the start of tax filing season by eight days this year.

The agency says it has pushed back the starting date for filing to Jan. 30,2013, because of all the last minute changes Congress forced on the agency.

By waiting until New Year's to resolve the Fiscal Cliff, programs that should have been in place by the first of the year were delayed two weeks or more

The IRS says it is now rushing to get its rules and regulations up on its website, but says the best it can do is an eight-day delay.

Some Upsides

There are some upsides to this delay.

H&R Block tells that it may add two more weeks to its Free File program, to give early filers more time.

In addition, this prevents taxpayers from filing early, then learning they have to re-file due to some changes in IRS forms. 

By Jan. 30, the IRS says all systems should be in place, with the exception of some forms for more complicated returns.

So for once, you can't blame yourself for procrastinating: this time you can say "it's Congress' fault," and mean it.

As always, don't waste your money.


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