Shoppers claim Kroger (KR) raised some prices

Woman post photos on Kroger Facebook page

Could Cincinnati grocery giant Kroger be raising some prices, just days after announcing it is cutting prices on 3,500 items?

That's what at least two women are claiming on Kroger's Facebook page.

Janet Bond posted side-by-side photos on the Kroger Facebook page that she claims she took in Florence, Ky.

They showing the "new low price" on tuna being 74 cents. But the old price underneath the new sticker was 69 cents, visible when she flipped up the new tag.

That makes it appear to be a price hike, not a price cut.

Meantime, Elizabeth Neal posted a photo of a sale in the new weekly flier, showing an item "on sale" for $1.99 when the original price was $1.49, according to the same flier.

Neal does not claim that is was a price hike, just a print error in the flier, but pointed it out nevertheless.

Kroger: One-time glitches
A Kroger spokeswoman tells 9 On Your Side these are one time glitches, and says the store is not raising any prices.
She says the price on tuna has dropped since the price cut announcement, but says the store had left an old sticker from August 2012 showing 69 cents underneath on the shelf.

She says the price of the tuna actually dropped about 10 cents this week from its most recent price, so it truly is a lower price, compared with a few weeks ago.

The other error, she states,  was a simple ad printing error, which happens with all grocery chains all the time.

But this shows shoppers are being vigilant about Kroger's announcement of lower prices, and cutting the company little slack, since it is also dropping double coupons.

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