Sell old cell phones and electronics

Don't Waste Your Money

Bet you have at least one old cell phone sitting around yourhome that you no longer use anymore. Or do you have an earlydigital camera, with 3 or 4 megapixels, that you have sinceupgraded? Or perhaps an early iPod?

Don't leave them collecting dust, because there are now ways youcan get cash for them.

What to do with that Old Phone?

Gary Roots is considering upgrading his iPhone 3GS to the newiPhone 4. He just hates the thought of tucking away what originallycost more than $300

But if he could get cash for it, he said "Sure! If there'senough money in it, sure, why not!"

Thats what a growing number of websites and retailers are nowpromising: Cash for your old electronics.

Programs Will Pay Cash

Radio Shack now has a "Trade and Save" programright in its stores: You just walk in.  ( Click here to learn more).

Websites like, Cell , Sell, and Cash will even pay your shipping fees, so youdon't have to pay anything to get it to them.

But will you get anything worth your effort?

I decided to test the biggest buying site -- Gazelle -- bysending them a 5 year old Nikon Coolpix Camera I no longer use. Ihad the box, all cables, even instruction book, which is a big pluswhen selling an item.

I logged onto Gazelle, and after I answered a few questionsabout its condition, Gazelle offered me $27. That's not much for a camera that cost memore than $200 just a few years ago.

Low Prices are Common

Jasmine Barnes tells me she's checked out these sites too, andwas disappointed with their offers.

Jasmine said "if I spent $300 for a phone, I'm not gonna turn itin for $50. I would sell it on eBay for more."

Others complain in online forums that once Gazelle inspectedtheir gadget, it  lowered the offer even more.  ButGazelle says it reserves the right to do that, if pieces aremissing or the equipment is scratched or dinged.

Yes, you will most likely find higher prices for your item oneBay. But eBay takes time and effort.

Did it Work?

So I took the easy route, and shipped my camera to Gazelle withtheir free Fedex label. A week later, Gazelle told me my camera wasaccepted, and a $27 Amazon.Com gift card was on the way  (Youalso have the option to select cash).

Worried it's not worth your time?  Gazelle doesn't alwayslow ball. Remember Gary Roots and his iPhone 3GS? Gazelle wouldgive him $137, if it was in top condition with originalbox.

And Alex Polly says that beats tucking that old phone in adrawer. She told me "I guess a little money is better than none!"

Bottom line: None of these reselling companies will give youtop dollar for your phones or electronics. After all, they'retrying to make a profit for themselves.

But check them out if you're curious, and don't waste yourmoney.


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