Postcard offers 2 free Delta tickets

Don't Waste Your Money

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people in the Greater Cincinnati area are receiving a post card in the mail that says you have won two free round-trip tickets on Delta Air Lines.  Should you call?

Before you do, take a much closer look at the card.  It is NOT from Delta, and appears to use their logo without authorization, as no one we spoke with at Delta knew anything about it.

In addition, it uses the old Delta logo, that was retired during the merger with Northwest Airlines in 2010.  Not a good start.

Further, it says "you have been selected to receive" two tickets.  It does not say you "won" tickets.  Nor does it say "free tickets."

Who is sending the card?

We called the number, and only heard a recording. The Better Business Bureau has no such listing of any company at that number.

However, a search online reveals numerous postings in complaint blogs that people who called were asked to attend a travel presentation, where they were pressured to buy vacation packages. 

The card is very similar to a similar postcard mailing last year that claimed you qualified for a Carnival Cruise. That was from a vacation company called Serenity Travel, which the Better Business Bureau has warned about in this report.

Another post card looking like this in recent years claimed you had won two tickets on US Airlines.   Many people thought it meant "US AIrways," but it did not.  There is no company called US Airlines.

Attend if you want, but the bottom line is that you haven't won anything, and the tickets are not free.

As always, don't waste your money.


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