Mom's group demands Kmart cancel ad

Dont Wate Your Money

Have you heard about Kmart's controversial new TV ad?

The Christian group One Million Moms is demanding that Kmart pull the ad from YouTube and other sites, calling it "disgusting."

Why Such Fuss?

The fuss is all over an ad for Kmart's new shipping policy, that uses a double entendre. Throughout the 30 second ad, people say "I shipped my pants," which sounds a lot like something else.

One woman says "I shipped my drawers," referring to a chest of drawers, of course.

The ad has gone viral online, with more than 12 million views on YouTube.

But One Million Moms calls it a bad influence on children, and is asking people to email Kmart and use social media to pressure the store to remove it.

Kmart has not responded, and to this date, the ad has not even aired the ad on any major TV network. Kmart has said it plans to air the ad on select cable networks, during appropriate timeslots.

At this point, the outrage is delivering one thing: more buzz about Kmart.
As always, don't waste your money.

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