Lululemon recalls see-through yoga pants

The hottest style in women's pants right now are black yoga pants, the tight, black spandex-like bottoms that young women wear everywhere, even when they are not doing yoga.

And the hottest brand of all when it comes to yoga pants is Lululemon, which has sold millions of these stretch pants in the past two years.

But the company is now issuing an unusual recall on its most popular item, the Luon black yoga pants, because they have a little problem: They are see-through. 

Men and women looking at someone wearing them can see much more than the wearer intended in most cases, unless the wearer is working at a "gentleman's club."

Lululemon won't say how many pairs of pants are involved, but the recall is so big it has caused a 4 percent drop in the company's stock this week, which rarely happens during a recall.

The company says a supplier provided fabric that is "too sheer," resulting in pants that show much more than intended.

Lululemon says it now expects a shortage of yoga pants until it can replace the pulled stock with new items. Meantime, it is asking customers to return the pants to the store where they bought them for a full refund, unless they like them super-sheer, which most women probably do not.

Meantime, if a mother, daughter, or sister of yours wears these pants, you may want to discreetly forward them this article so they are aware of the problem, and so they are not embarrassed at the grocery store.

As always, don't waste your money.


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