Local turkey price comparison

Don't Waste Your Money

If you're on the hunt for a bargain bird, it may not be as easyyou might think.

Stores are no longer handing out free turkeys with a $100purchase, as they often did in the past. Here are the best turkeydeals in the Cincinnati area.


At Kroger, we found Butterball brand turkeys for $1.09 a pound.Honeysuckle White, another popular brand, was 89 cents a pound andRiverside was 69.


At Walmart, Butterball was 98-cents a pound, Honeysuckle White88 cents and Riverside 68 cents a pound, slightly less thanKroger.


At Meijer, Butterball's $1.69 a pound and Honeysuckle White is a$1.29 a pound.

But If you spend $20 on other items you'll get $16 off thatButterball, and nine bucks off the Honeysuckle.


At Remke in Northern Kentucky, and Biggs in Ohio, Butterball's$1.99 a pound and Honeysuckle White's $1.79.

But if the bird's bigger than 18 pounds you get $17 off,while on smaller birds, you'll save $13. However, $6 of that is amail-in rebate.

And the Winner Is....

So we did the math on a 15-pound Honeysuckle Whiteturkey. 

  • Remke rang in the highest, even with the rebate, at $13.85.
  • Kroger and Walmart were gizzard to gizzard: $13.35 at Kroger and $13.20 at Walmart. Not worth the drive to save a few pennies.
  • Meijer, however, was the big winner at $10.35. You do have to spend 20-bucks on other items to get that deal, but who walks in a grocery story and doesn't spend 20 bucks?


We have heard from several smaller local retailers, includingindividual IGA stores, who say that their prices will meet or beatthe big stores.  It may be worth checking their ads:  Wesimply did not have time to visit them.

Disclaimer: Prices will fluctuate and individual storessometimes have different prices.


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