Living Social hit by hacker attack

Don't Waste Your Money

Another massive security breach, this time affecting a popular deal site.

As many as 50 million customers of the daily deal site "Living Social" may have to change their passwords.

CNBC, ZDnet, and other tech sties confirm what was first reported on All Things D that hackers have gained access to the sites computers, stealing names, addresses, and in some cases, dates of birth.

According to an internal memo that went around the company, hackers also have customer passwords, so everyone will needs to change it.

It is expected to send an email to customers in the next day or two.  However, the site already has a red banner on top of its page telling customers to "update your password."

One piece of good news:  Living Social, which is partly owned by Amazon, says the database that stores customer credit card information was not affected.

So it says you will not need to close credit card accounts or sign up for ID theft protection:  only your Living Social account was affected.

As always, don't waste your money.

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